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Plastics: from Production to Reduction in 5

From plastic's fossil fuel origins to the global waste problem we are struggling to contain: follow the  plastic journey and find out what you can do to help kick our plastic addiction.
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What's included?

  • 5 bite-size chapters: take 15 to 20 minutes out of your day to find out more about plastic
  • 5 bundles of take aways and suggestions: dive in deeper and get active 
  • 1 bonus chapter: practical steps you can take to reduce your own plastic footprint

MBRC the ocean

As a 100% non-profit organization, the MBRC the ocean Foundation establishes cleaning hubs around the world, organizing cleanups with local communities, empowering them to clean their coastlines, providing logistical support and equipment for waste collection and recycling, organizing educational workshops and spreading awareness about ocean plastic, teaching the next generation to confront the challenge. MBRC works with volunteers, ambassadors and partners around the world to bring about change.

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Meet the instructor

"Plastic is one of the major problems we are facing today and we are only beginning to realise now just how much harm it does to the environment and to our health. Short-lived and single-use plastic products need to become a thing of the past and we need to move to a zero-waste circular plastic economy, where plastic is valued as a raw material, to be reused, recycled and not thrown away. For this to work we all need to be on board, actively reducing our own plastic use, calling on governments to step up to the challenge and cleaning up any plastic we find in the environment. Change starts with knowledge: by learning about plastic, the threats it poses and the solutions available, you too can be part of the change."
Patrick Jones - Course author
Julia Ritter, MBRC Course Instructor
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