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There’s so much more to the oceans – and the problem of cleaning them up – than meets the eye. Enter MBRC Academy: an online course for students looking to make waves in the world of ocean sustainability.
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Running for one year and with a fresh topic every week, the free-of-charge Academy course is tailored to complement your current university studies with a well-rounded awareness and understanding of how to identify, and help to solve, one of the biggest challenges of our time.
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MBRC the ocean

The MBRC product company is a social venture. It markets the fashionable and sustainable brand MBRC the ocean. Products are made of recycled plastic waste like old fishing nets and recycled PET bottles. Or from other natural and sustainable materials not containing any plastics.

MBRC the ocean Foundation is the non profit part of our movement. It raises additional funds from individuals, business sponsors and family offices from all around the world. To grow even faster and make more impact every day.
Patrick Jones - Course author

All great things are built on a solid foundation.

Our mission: clean up our oceans. We're working to end plastic-filled waters with volunteer cleanups, empowering local communities and specialised courses on sustainability. And that’s just the beginning. You like what we do?

Our partner Indonesian Waste Platform supports dissemination of the Academy learning materials in Indonesia

Every week new chapters will be published in Indonesian.
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