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There’s so much more to the oceans – and the problem of cleaning them up – than meets the eye. This is where the MBRC Academy comes in, offering online courses for people looking to make waves in the world of ocean sustainability. 

Choose between the Plastic Crash Course, a concise introduction to plastic, including practical tips as to how you can kick your plastic habit, and the ocean plastic course, a comprehensive and detailed review of the ocean and ocean pollution in general, focussing on plastic. 
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Plastic - from production to reduction in 5

For those looking for a succinct introduction to the plastic problem, the MBRC plastic crash course could be for you.

The course focusses on the origins and impact of plastic, on the parallel avenues of regulating production and cleaning up the plastic that is already polluting the ocean and at ways you can kick your plastic habit.

Each chapter takes just 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

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Free 6 week course

2-3 hours in total


5 bite-size chapters: take 15 to 20 minutes out of your day to find out more about plastic

Take aways

5 bundles of take aways and suggestions: dive in deeper and get active 


1 bonus chapter: practical steps you can take to reduce your own plastic footprint 

The Ocean Plastic Course

The ocean plastic course is a much more detailed course, with four modules and 52 chapters, one for every week of the year. This course is tailored to provide you with a well-rounded awareness and understanding of the ocean, marine environmental pollution, and in particular the plastic challenge.

Each chapter introduces you to a new subject, dives deeper into a specific topic and puts the spotlight on a relevant organization or project. Links to further information in the form of articles, reports, documentaries, films, podcasts or websites are provided, as is a selection of takeaways from the chapter highlighting some of the main facts and suggesting some positive to take. Quizzes provide a chance to test your knowledge after each module.

You should complete the course having gained a deeper all-round knowledge of our ocean, the ocean plastic problem, and what you can do to help restore the ocean.

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Free 1 year course

110 hours in total


170+ pages | 6 Chapters | 2 languages


4 challenges


1 Certificate

MBRC the ocean

As a 100% non-profit organization, the MBRC the ocean Foundation establishes cleaning hubs around the world, organizing cleanups with local communities, empowering them to clean their coastlines, providing logistical support and equipment for waste collection and recycling, organizing educational workshops and spreading awareness about ocean plastic, teaching the next generation to confront the challenge. MBRC works with volunteers, ambassadors and partners around the world to bring about change. 

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All great things are built on a solid foundation.

Our mission: clean up our oceans. We're working to end plastic-filled waters with volunteer cleanups, empowering local communities and specialised courses on sustainability. And that’s just the beginning.

Our partner Indonesian Waste Platform supports dissemination of the Academy learning materials in Indonesia.

Every week new chapters will be published in Indonesian. 
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